Since 2002   .


Vehicle endurance and reliability testing in Germany and in other countries in Europe





Types of test runs:

  Vehicle endurance testing in multi-shift operation (24 hours a day)

  Test runs on test tracks

  Running-in of new vehicles and components

  Endurance runs with extended load (trailer)


Test tracks:

  Test tracks (e.g. Nardo, Boxberg, Idiada, Papenburg etc.)

  Public roads

          - Mountain areas (e.g. Black Forest, Swabian Alb)

          - Urban

          - Suburban

          - Motorways






Measurement technique:


  Fitting in and operation of customer- specific measurement technique and data evaluation

  Data transfer from test car to our computing centre; data can be exported in Diadem, Origin, Matlab, Excel, *.csv (in-house development)



Example of use: CAN- data recording and evaluation in real time-world wide- test buses Graz (Austria)